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Watch The Muppets online free on los movies now. Director: James Bobin. Writers: Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller. Stars: Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Chris Cooper. Before the release of this movie the last time the Muppets had a theatrical release was way back in 1998 with Muppets From Space. Since then they have mostly stagnated with straight-to-DVD and TV movies. Someone at Disney reckoned a reboot was in order so now we have the unimaginatively-titled “The Muppets”. I was surprised to see Jason Segal’s name as a writer in the opening credits, and I had hopes that it would feel original and inspired rather than something made by a Disney committee.

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With the gang disbanded and pursuing their own paths their theatre is at risk of falling into the hands of a greedy oil magnate. A young misfit Muppet decides to get them together and save their legacy. Sound familiar? It’s virtually the exact same plot from It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, by way of many repeated scenes from the original Muppet Movie. I have to say I wasn’t smitten, despite really wanting to like it. The human interaction with the mop-puppets didn’t seem natural (you know what I mean) and felt stilted and difficult. They’re just in the background with no decent story.

There were too many songs, a couple being completely superfluous. Despite the numerous cameos I just didn’t feel that this movie had any star power. I longed for Michael Caine to show up and add some credibility to it. Sadly it was just too TV-ish, with many TV actors filling out the various parts. This ranks somewhere towards the bottom of the Muppets long list of movies, even beneath The Muppets Go Medieval starring Troy McClure.

Watch The Muppets online free

Watch The Muppets online free

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All right, I loved it in this movie when the Muppets did a great rendition of their trademark song “The Rainbow Connection”, I always enjoy watching Jack Black and he has a wonderfully funny cameo as the celebrity host and I thought that Fozzie’s fart shoes were cool. However, there was little to nothing else I liked in this yawner of a film. I write this negative review with a heavy heart because I grew up loving Sesame Street and The Muppet Show and the 1979 Muppet Movie. I was hoping to feel a rush of joy and nostalgia when the movie started however I was just mostly bored to tears, maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy. The magic just isn’t there anymore. There were several songs in this film and all of them just fell flat as a pancake. There was one song called Are You A Man Or A Muppet that just about sent me screaming out of the cinema!

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