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Watch IP Man 3 Online Free Full HD now. Director: Wilson Yip. Writers: Tai-lee Chan (as Tai-Li Chan), Lai-Yin Leung. Stars: Donnie Yen, Lynn Hung, Jin Zhang. To those of you asking where the second child is, this story is actually correct. The elder son is 12 years older than the younger one and was continuing his studies back in Foshan at the time.

Watch IP Man 3 Online Free Now

Watch IP Man 3 Online

Watch IP Man 3 Online

I personally enjoyed this movie a lot, great themes, awesome morals, great story line, and I love the comedy in this movie as well. Very cheeky, but cute comedy. The fight scenes were great as well, loved every minute of it. You can actually feel emotion from the movie. They really did a good job of not only incorporating the true story of Ip Man, but also making sure to keep it a movie, not a documentary.

One of those ultra rare films where you’re welling up one minute and watching a brutal and highly skilled fight the next. Ip man films have always been known as truly elite when it comes to not only superb choreographed fight sequences but also a riveting and highly entertaining storyline. For me Ip man 3 excels over its prequels by focusing on Ip mans wife and her illness. This gives the film a sadder tone and sends a real deep message about being by the side of those you love, no matter what else is going on.

Watch IP Man 3

Watch IP Man 3

Overall a truly masterful film that shines as bright as the blades and makes you feel emotion and thrill in equal measure, truly one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Watch IP Man 3 Online Free on movie365 now. The movie very great! We do not see much fighting as part of Ip Man’s action in here – we see his soul and dedication to China the country. We see a man with all heart to his wife – ready to give up who he is just to be with her till the last days. We see a father who would do anything, even if that means disgracing his beings, to save his children.

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We see a citizen that stands up against the bad guys, single-handedly defeating them all to bring peace to the streets. And still, we see a great master. All fighting scenes are highly precise and beautifully performed, I love the 3-minute versus battle – where 2 genres of martial arts collide and finish in a very fair act of both. Also I enjoy the moments of husband-and-wife, almost cry for that. You can find laughters in some parts – that makes the movie closer to life. The end is somehow not satisfactory to my own expectation – reason why I deduct 1 star from 10 – yet to end the trilogy in an acceptable way.


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