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The Notebook Full HD, watch free movies online now. Director: Nick Cassavetes. Writers: Jeremy Leven, Jan Sardi. Stars: Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Rachel McAdams. This was one of the greatest love stories that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Ryan Gosling was, as always, authentic in his portrayal of Noah, a poor working class guy who falls in love with Allie, a beautiful rich girl who is staying in town with her family on their summer’s vacation.

The relationship is not well received by Allie’s parents which leads Noah to make a decision that he feels is in both of their best interests. The result of a hastily made decision leads our main character down a road that first shuts out true passion as he tries to forget his past hurt. But, a stint in the military, where he experiences loss as well as his loss at home following his service in the military, leads him right back to his heart. The story is deep and bittersweet, but ultimately rewarding. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Watch The Notebook Full HD

It’s one of most romantic movie ever to be seen. I cannot describe how wonderful this movie was. From the very beginning you are drawn into the movie. At first I thought the movie a little silly, but the longer the movie going on the more i was going to love it. Although the story of the book is at some point very different from the actual movie. But for me that’s no problem. I’ve watched quite a lot of movies without reading the books where they’re based upon.

The story as you know is about Noah and Allie. When they meet each other, they’re both around 17 years of age, it’s almost love at first sight. After a summer of romantic love they have to split, because he is poor and she is rich. So Allie’s parents believe it’s a love that will never last. But fate decides otherwise. They’ll meet each other again.Just before Allie’s wedding with another rich man. And their love returns and in the end they both believe this love is meant to last forever.

The Notebook Full HD

The Notebook Full HD

This story is told by the old Noah. He reads the story to a woman with Alzheimer disease. (Of course it turns out to be his wife)That part is beautifully played by James Garner and Gena Rowlands.

This is one those movies couples will not easily forget. It’s about your first love and never able to forget it. The performances of the leads are incredible. Especially the young pair, played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, are absolutely stunning. I’ve rarely seen so much chemistry between lead characters. The movie itself is beautifully shot, the music is wonderful. I read that many people cried throughout the movie, but i didn’t(I never did by the way.) Crying no, deeply touched and tears not to far away yes.

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Of course the movie has some minor weaknesses.(All movies have, even the Lord of the Rings3,considered the best movie of all time) For one,the end is taking too long and the best part, the young couple, is missing in the last 15/20 minutes of the film. The other is the sometimes ridiculous lines the actors have to say. But that is hardly avoidable. P.S. Don’t listen to what critics have to say about this movie.They often do not like romantic movies. That’s why I had to watch it with only 5 persons. That’s too little for this excellent movie that takes your heart away.

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