The Mummy 2017 Rating IMDB

The Mummy 2017 Rating IMDB. Watch movie reviews very nice. This is an enjoyable summer action film, Tom Cruise isn’t as bad as the reviews say, the mummy has a larger role than most reviewers say – It seems like a lot of people have gone in with a set of expectations about what this film would be in terms of the DC universe, or story line, or as a reboot. Going in with no expectations except for those of the terrible reviews, we were all pleasantly surprised. Our first comment to one another when the lights went up was, “Why all the bad reviews, that was a fun ride?” There are so many movies that are worse, and get better reviews, because they don’t have TC in them.

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But then, Oblivion got terrible reviews, Edge of Tomorrow did poorly when they were released – and in retrospect, those movies hold up just fine and have found their audiences. Don’t forget that Bladerunner got terrible reviews when it first came out (not that I’m comparing The Mummy to Bladerunner, just saying critics don’t always get it right.)

The Mummy 2017 Rating very great!

Hey, I think Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher was an awful idea, too, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a good niche as the unlikeable hero who is going to get redeemed somehow, whether he likes it or not. People think Tom Cruise has worn out his welcome, they don’t’ like his religion, whatever – I get it. He still makes reliable action films and isn’t afraid to play a guy who is a very reluctant hero, if he’s even a hero at all. I, for one, would watch the next installment of The Mummy.

The Mummy 2017 Rating

The Mummy 2017 Rating IMDB

To make clear, I’d actually give this a C+, but as a protest vote against the unnecessary hate I’ll put 9. I understand the problems wholly and don’t want to tell you they aren’t bad, I just think they were as criminal as most blockbusters. The script needed a rewrite due to off dialogue and hazy explanations of plot points. The movie also could’ve been severely trimmed. It would have been much better at just an hour and a half. See The Mummy 2017 Rating IMDB very great!

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What worked is that you had a good sense of the goal and the events leading there. Again, not perfectly executed, but there was substantial cohesion. They do hit the Dark Universe setup and it isn’t necessary but it doesn’t derail the film. Russel Crowe played his part quite well making it enjoyable. On the other hand, Tom Cruise is sometimes given some odd one liners, but aside, he pulls off a fun action hero. The best aspect, for me, was the tone. They work in lots of creepy imagery laid in passable action scenes giving a fresh feel which was enjoyable to watch. The movie is by no means great, but all the reviews tanked my expectations so low that I continuously found myself pleasantly surprise.

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