The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman. If you are a soul artist and dream of a future of living with your passion for art like writer, make sure you are filled with emotion when watching The Greatest Showman. From the beginning to the end, the story of The Greatest Showman seems to be appealing to young artists who are constantly struggling with their passions: From financial hardships, social stereotypes, About future. Along with the superbly orchestrated music, The Greatest Showman touches the souls of those who pursue the path of art.

The Greatest Showman 2

Songs are written in beautiful lyrics, and the instrument is designed to make the viewer vibrate in one way or another, lifting their emotions to tears. The writer could see himself in Hugh Jackman’s Phineas character, and could not contain tears. The soundtrack is based on modern music, with an electronic blend of the musical spirit, but perfectly suited to the 19th-century American past. This is a great film. to honor the spirit of the classic musicals in film history. The Greatest Showman is constantly optimistic, constantly inspiring throughout, because the characters in the film take the initiative to take their own destiny, overcome the challenges of life, reach out and embrace the dream. of his life without flinching.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

This is the story of “true”, pure, passionate and passionate, about “real” emotions despite their bright appearance. These characters, they are singing about things from the depths of their hearts so clearly and eagerly, about the things they are willing to give their lives. “Never Enough” by Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson and voice actress Loren Allred) is one of the songs that pushes audiences to the top, because this is the “naked” moment. In the movie. This is the time when the disorientation of P.T. Barnum begins to show in his eyes, and his goal is challenged. From here, he begins to lose his way out of the path of his choice, dazzling in the glorious “glory” of glory radiating from Jenny’s beautiful.

But at the same time, the song is like a sweet word in the soul of an artist. This is the real heart of the artisans, who are always painful in their hearts every second of their own work. Will never be enough in the way they have chosen, they will always want to do more, be beyond their own limits, and achieve more success. There are two stories hidden beneath the “glittering” look of The Greatest Showman: These are the things everyone wishes they could have. Because they are living with their dreams and love, the most stretched, and unspeakable success. The other story is about the fact that dreams are not always right, and that it is always full of failure and disappointment.

The Greatest Showman 3

Since childhood, we have always been taught that pursuing childhood dreams like P.T. Barnum is impractical. And that rarely happens to most of us. Not to mention the ability to get up every time life is thrown over and over again and again as he did in the movie. He never gave up, always came back, and did not flinch at all. Because this is my only and true love. This love is the driving force, giving him more strength than anyone on this earth to create new ideas, different things, including stepping on the prejudice and estrangement of society to Do what you really passionate about. And he has endless support from his loved ones. This is, in absolute terms, a dream. This can not be real life. This is what all artisans dream of achieving, but most will not do, some will give up, some will fall before the curtain and evaluation from the people, and some will blame adversity.

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