The film about saving the Thai children’s team is a gamble for Hollywood?

The film about saving the Thai children’s team is a gamble for Hollywood? In 2015, the 33rd film, directed by Patricia Riggen, recreates the survivors and rescues of 33 miners stranded in the San José mine in Chile. Despite the efforts of the crew to recapture the air of choking (both literally and figuratively) of attempting to bring 33 miners to the surface, The 33 stops at the event’s narrative. Free movies on zmovie very great!

On August 5, 2010, the tunnel leading to the copper and gold mines in northern Chile collapsed, burying 33 miners under 700m. Two weeks later, the reconnaissance drills failed to produce any results, all hope dissipated by the relatives on the ground. But on Aug. 22, the miracle happened when a drill found its way down to trapped miners. They are still alive, despite the lack of water, oxygen and food. In the next two months, efforts were made to bring the survivors back.

What prevented The 33 from being a hit was a lack of detail and weight. The film crew’s superficiality from the preparation of material to the work was clearly visible, so there was not enough material to build a panoramic view of the rescue. Because it is not well prepared, can not be asked Patricia Riggen director to find a unique perspective different from the article that many people can read easily.

The film about saving the Thai children's team is a gamble for Hollywood?

The film about saving the Thai children’s team is a gamble for Hollywood?

The 33’s lesson should be applied by Pure Filmmakers. The producers Michael Scott and Adam Smith are fast-paced Hollywood names who have the rights to transfer the Thai team’s rescue to the screen. The miraculous survivors of the Thai team members have many similarities with the Chilean tsunami.

After nine days of survival in a submerged cave, similar to the Chilean miners, a member of the “Wild Pig” was found and brought out safely. An adaptation project is almost certain, as early as the first news of the accident was announced, people knew that sooner or later someone would do this. But looking back, the film has a lot of problems.

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Firstly, Thai government officials are very strict in controlling information related to the rescue operation. Due to the lack of accurate and accurate sources, based on interviews with people at the scene, it is difficult for Michael Scott to collect enough film material with a small team of independent companies. . There are a lot of issues that need to be re-created, such as space, space, darkness, hunger and thirst for characters that they can not relate to in interviews. In addition, Pure Flix will have to work very closely with geological experts, rescuers, people directly involved in the rescue for professional issues.

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