The details are hidden in The Incredibles 2

The details are hidden in The Incredibles 2. John Ratzenberger: Pixar fans may not be familiar with this name because it is the voice of all the movies from the animated studios. With The Incredibles (2004), John Ratzenberger voiced Underminer at the end of the film, and he continues the quest in the second. This is also a character that connects two episodes of The Superman Family, and is still out of the blue. If The Incredibles have the next three, Underminer and Ratzenberger will probably be back. Watch movies free on zmovies now.

Safari Lodge: After failing to pursue the Underminer name and causing unpredictable damage to the city, the Parr family was forced to stop the superhero work and to shelter the hostel called Safari Court. It was inspired by a real hotel called Safari Inn located in Burbank, California and just a few streets away from the Walt Disney Studios. The holiday has appeared in many Hollywood movies such as True Romance (1993) or Apollo 13 (1995).

Chinese food: During the loud parr’s supper at the beginning of the film, the audience encountered the familiar logo of a Chinese fast food restaurant. It has appeared since Pixar’s A Bug’s Life, as well as in Toy Story 2, Ratatouille, or Inside Out. No. 2: In the first episode, to hide superhero and superhuman powers, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) force his son – Dash (Huck Milner) – only to run in a school competition, despite the boy’s discomfort. In the second installment, viewers can see Dash wearing his No. 2 shirt from the competition after the battle with Underminer at the beginning of the movie. This is another detail that reminds us of the movie 14 years ago.

The details are hidden in The Incredibles 2

The details are hidden in The Incredibles 2

Ambassador: The United Nations Ambassador to the film, voiced by Isabella Rossellini. The character is a fan of Elastigirl, but at the same time is the target of evil Screensaver. Her real name is Henrietta Selick. This is an episode in which Henry Selick, one of Hollywood’s most famous animated filmmakers, is featured in works such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline.

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Mozart: One of the coolest shows in The Incredibles 2 is Edna Mode (voiced by Brad Bird himself) and Jack-Jack of the Parr family. The original designer was not keen on the boy, but suddenly changed his “180 degree” attitude when he learned that Jack-Jack had all sorts of super powers. Edna Mode decided to make Jack-Jack a special outfit, and not forget to tell Mr. Incredible that his son was a genius like Mozart. In the 2005 short film Jack-Jack Attack, the parr’s playful boy showed off all sorts of possibilities, and the house became desolate after she looked after a Mozart CD.

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