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The Color of Paradise Watch Online Full HD Free Now. Director: Majid Majidi. Writer: Majid Majidi. Stars: Hossein Mahjoub, Mohsen Ramezani, Salameh Feyzi. The marvel of this movie transcends language and culture. You can’t help but fall in love with Mohammed, when he returns the baby bird to the nest, listens for patterns in the tapping of a woodpecker, and longs to attend school with his sisters and be considered ‘normal.’

The Color of Paradise Watch Online Free Now

This wonderful tale of a small blind boy and his relationship to his father, grandmother, sisters and the people around him was an incredible experience. His awareness of nature and his heightened senses as filmed by Majid Majidi in such a careful and beautiful way invited the audience to participate in everything that affected him. From the feel of the wind to the sounds of the sea and the touch of a baby bird fallen out of it’s nest.

This film was two things to me – one of the most stunningly visual films and one of the most moving film storylines I have ever, ever seen! And yes, I would recommend it wholeheartedly because it is a ‘must see’ film. I was 1 of 2 people in the cinema when it was shown which was quite amazing. I truly hope that apart from the fact that it has won awards at film festivals it won’t get lost in the film archives before enough people have seen it.

I have just come from watching one of the finest movies I have ever seen, the Color of Paradise. This is a powerful, engrossing, symbolic, emotional movie. It is full of honesty. It will make you appreciate blindness more than you ever have. But it is more than that. It is an expression of a deep philosophical, existential, mystical tradition and world view. Yet it is not heavy handed or pedantic. There are plenty of human situations and characters that will appeal to everyone while the true meaning penetrates into the subconscious — at least of those open and aware enough.

The Color of Paradise Watch Online

The Color of Paradise Watch Online

Others have written a brief synopsis, so I will skip that. Read them. But this movie is not really about the blind boy. It’s about his father. I’m not going to write a long essay, but I will point out what I think are the keys. Watch the movie (again if necessary) and note these parts, and ponder the significance. The Color of Paradise Watch Online very great.

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The disillusioned, disappointed, frustrated father, angry at God. He doesn’t deserve his life. His only son, representing his “inner child,” is blind. The son is not disillusioned. The son hears things better and feels things better than just about anyone else. There is a young male carpenter (carpenter? just a coincidence? Nothing in a great movie is a coincidence) who is a teacher. There is a strange eerie sound that the father hears on three occasions. Near the end, there is a symbol of an upside down turtle. There is a Choice the father must make near the end. This is great literature, folks, but like all great literature it’s not boring. That’s the second rate stuff.

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