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Split movie review – The most impressive reviews. Mr. Night Shyamalan is either a visitor from another planet or a Terminator-esque cybernetic organism. For two decades his movies have attempted to impersonate the films of true humans, but they are oddly written imperfect interpretations because his brain chemistry is radically different from our own.

Not a single spoken line in “Split” is something that a human being would ever actually say. The screenplay is a hair-tearing mind-boggling mess. Confusion gives way to anger and then utter madness as characters spew increasingly bonkers dialog and behave impossibly stupid. And then the film continues for another 100 minutes. Split movie review.

The direction, editing, and cinematography are all nearly as insane. When the film isn’t lingering 12 seconds too long on panning camera shot after panning camera shot it’s frenetically jumping back and forth between characters and story lines, halting all momentum and throwing pacing and tension out the window every time.

Split movie review

Split movie review

Split was sold on the performance of Mr. James McAvoy as 24 different roles, and judging by the box office impact vs. budget and the high ratings, the hype seems to have worked. He is indeed the high point of the film (and the reason for the one additional star) but compared to the hype he’s slightly underwhelming – McAvoy spends the majority of the running time as just 3 or 4 personalities, and we only ever get a glimpse at 2 or 3 more, effectively making the whole “24” thing purely a marketing tactic (and a bit of false advertising).

The acting by the remainder of the cast is awful across the board. Anya Taylor-Joy manages to come out the least scathed by simply staring blankly into the middle distance for the entirety of the film, but her two fellow kidnappees are laughably horrendous. Betty Buckley flounders helplessly through her lines and while she’s universally terrible it’s difficult to know whether to blame her or the batsh*t directing and writing as she’s expected to deliver some of the worst dialog ever put on screen.

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Split movie review: By the end the whole affair devolves into a hilarious dumpster fire the likes of which we’ve seen in “The Happening” but by then it’s far too late to find any sort of enjoyment in the spectacle. I can’t recommend this to anyone. I wasted two hours of my life on this movie. I was bored after the first hour, not to mention disappointed by the stigma mental illness received once again. Spoiler Alert: I thought it was irresponsible of the director/writer to have the main character make a statement about “broken people are more pure” after he notices cutting marks on one of his captives.

With an epidemic of cutting by teenagers in our society, this remark was to say the least, troubling. As a therapist, I was appalled by Betty Buckley’s character visiting her client at his home and then making the statement that “her patients were her family”. If you’re going to portray a therapist in a movie, that profession’s code of conduct needs to be represented correctly. Parts of this movie reviews were so unrealistic that I was unable to focus on the rest of the film. Another disappointment by M. Night Shyamalan.

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