Spider-Man Universe: Too risky to have only dark counterattacks

Spider-Man Universe: Too risky to have only dark counterattacks. Possesses the talented cast: Sony Spider-Man Universe attracted public attention when it announced that talented actor Tom Hardy would play the part of Venom in the film’s launch of the universe. Not only was it highly appreciated for the acting that Tom Hardy is also the face in blockbuster action. Also in this movie, four-time Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams also appeared. In addition, Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto will play the “living vampire” Morbius in the project of the same name by Daniel Espinosa directed. He is the next A-list star after Tom Hardy joins a relatively young movie universe, or even considered “heal less” at the moment. Jared Leto’s participation also prompted audiences to question his role in the DC Universe Cinema (DCEU).

Morbius is also the next Spider-Man name that Sony announced in November 2017. However, the movie universe to complete a new work is the only Venom directed by Reben Fleisher. Even the next film about Morbius also struggles to change plans, change director, script several times. From there, it is possible to see the Spider-Man universe is not really a specific shape and remain passive when waiting for the success of the first Venom. Spectators expect the Spider-Man universe will not go to Universal’s (Black Space) or Warner Bros. with DCEU. Watch free zmovies online now.

Except for Venom, Sony’s Spider-Man universe does not focus on familiar characters such as Doc Ock or Green Goblin, instead being lesser-known characters. This may be the opportunity for Sony to surprise and breakthrough in the unlikely. Characters such as Nightwatch, Silver Sable and Silk are not well known in popular culture. This will bring the fun, fresh feeling to the audience. In addition to Morbius, Silver and Black are also two notable comic characters that can be used. If the film is deployed, this is the first time the superhero movie has two female lead.

Spider-Man Universe: Too risky to have only dark counterattacks

Spider-Man Universe: Too risky to have only dark counterattacks

No Spider-Man: The studio claims that Spider-Man will not appear in the Sony movie universe in the near future. Instead, the strategy is focused on supporting characters. That may be a great opportunity for Sony and the filmmakers to create creativity but many people are skeptical when the film builds a movie universe of Spider Man whose title is completely absent. face. Spider-Man is one of the most admired superheroes in film history. It is because of the large number of fans that Sony has borrowed the name of a cosmopolitan character who did not have a Spider-Man movie. The future of Spider-Man universe will be very difficult when many loyal fans lose.

Dark and different: Coming soon, Sony will bring the Venom villain to the big screen with a more formal role but also more horrible. Recently the official trailer of the film has revealed the dark source as well as shaping the most horrible and brutal ever to Venom.Venom is not only a super heroic film to exploit the psychological depth human, but unique, impressive work in shaping Venom character is gloomy. It can be seen that this is the direction of Spider Man universe that Sony wants to build, in contrast to the color of the movie universe Marvel dominating the big screen. There is news that Sony wants to target the R label with Venom and this is perfectly suited to the direction of creating new breeze for the superhero genre as Fox’s Deadpool did.

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Based on the heroic counterpart: In the trailer for Venom is said: “Pursuit of anti-heroes inside”. What worries fans is whether Sony has built a cinema universe entirely based on anti-heroes. Fox’s Deadpool shows how great anti-hero story was received, but building up a whole universe of villains was a difficult one. Wolverine has the X-Men, the punisher has Daredevil, but Sony has yet to determine who the protagonist will be against or control the heroes. Sony also announced not to use Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman or any other traditional hero except Silk.

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