The Rock ‘s “Fast & Furious” is hilarious

The Rock ‘s “Fast & Furious” is hilarious. Universal is currently in the process of selecting actors for Hobbs and Shaw – the franchise of the Fast & Furious action franchise. The film focuses on two popular audiences: Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham. Director David Leitch of the project is looking for a 49-59 actor for Mr.. Null. This is the main antagonist of Hobbs and Shaw, described as a British terrorist, wearing only black. Click megashare9 watch movies free online now.

The new information is in stark contrast to the original anticipation of the fans. Earlier, it was reported that Cipher – the villain of Fast & Furious 8 Charlize Theron – will be the main opponents of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. Song, The Hashtag Show revealed that the hacker’s intrigue is still likely to appear in the story. Universal and David Leitch are also looking for a 29-39 year old actress for Hattie Shaw. This is Deckard Shaw’s sister, and a MI-6 secret agent.

The Rock 's "Fast & Furious" is hilarious

The Rock ‘s “Fast & Furious” is hilarious

Previously, alongside Deckard, the audience had been seen by two other members of the Shaw family, Owen (Luke Evans) and funny mother Magdelene (Helen Mirren) in turn 6 and 8. With the Hobbs family, the crew wanted to find a 70-75 year old Polynesian woman for the role of Sofia Hobbs – Luke’s mother. Finally, they are aggressively selecting five actors who are also Polynesians for the brothers’ roles as secret agents.

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In it, Jonah, the eldest brother of the Hobbs family, is expected to have more of a showdown than a “face-off” relationship with Luke. The other four will definitely have less time in front of the lens. Universal and David Leitch were forced to complete the “lineup” of Hobbs and Shaw this summer so the project could be filmed in September. The Fast & Furious story is set to open in theaters from July 26. / 2019.

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