Robin Hood 2018 news – Update secret information

Robin Hood 2018 news – Update secret information. Since Robin Hood is a free public domain, any studio can put a character to the jungle on the screen. This year, Lionsgate is the next to try on that mission when choosing Taron Egerton – star of the series Kingsman – for the role of Robin Hood.

The film also features Jamie Foxx (Little John), Jamie Dornan (Will Scarlett), Eve Hewson (Marian) and Ben Mendelsohn (as the Governor of Nottingham).

Song, right after the first trailer of Robin Hood was released, the film must immediately receive countless reactions. On social networking Twitter, a series of questions related to the so-so-modern costume of the movie appear. That led to ironic questions as to whether Lionsgate wanted to make Robin Hood for whom and for what purpose.

Rare movies are badly disparaged from the first trailer or poster. The poster reveals the iconic Robin Hood, which makes many people skeptical when the hero’s shirt is “mechanically woven”.

Robin Hood 2018 news

Robin Hood 2018 news

They even found a Superdry shirt like the one for Taron Egerton in front of the camera.

By comparing the best-known Robin Hood icons on the big screen, audiences are more likely to notice the difference. The character in the actual 2018 version looks no different to the movie based on the Assassin’s Creed game.

Not to be confused with Robin Hood, the villain in the movie is questioned. A Twitter user nicknamed “J U S T” humorously comments: “The medieval fantasy film looks like a war between a rebel farmer group and a new fascist gang.”

“Mike Stuchbery” is concerned that Robin Hood will share the same fate with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. In the summer of 2017, Guy Ritchie’s story of King Arthur was criticized by critics, and then heavily damaged at the box office. “They sabotaged King Arthur, and now Robin Hood. Are there any more famous Britons for them? “He wrote.

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According to calculations, this is the 97th time Robin Hood set foot on the screen, so the user “laurie” apple critics commented: “They should make the film epic, lasting 4 hours, talking about the producers Hollywood is sitting in the room together, trying to come up with a new idea. “

There is also a section of the public who is excited about Lionsgate’s ultra-modern Robin Hood image. Taron Egerton and the producers will have the opportunity to prove the negative public opinion is not true from November 21 to.

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