Putlocker Archer

Putlocker Archer – Watch TV Series Online Free. Creator: Adam Reed. Stars: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash. This show has great characters and voice actors. The lines are fast and clever and stunning how much is compressed into one episode. I am completely excited for Season 3 to continue and will watch every single one. I love the main character’s voice and the character himself. He manages to be funny, blunt, and a jerk, but still likable in the end.

The show is not for people who are offended easily, but that’s a good thing as it makes the level of humor so funny and complex. The references to old movies, celebrities, and current media is just plain genius and the show has some of the best lines I’ve heard. It manages to balance comedy with action and good taste perfectly and the result is a hilarious with stunning animations, great actors and plenty of laughs. If anyone is looking for a new comedy, Archer will definitely make you laugh.

Putlocker Archer Review

Cartoons are for kids. Or are they? Archer definitely falls into the latter and that’s a good thing. This is a half hour animated series with a lot of sexual innuendo and a touch of violence here and there about a super-spy with the suave looks of James Bond and the air-headed lack of deductive reasoning of “The Pink Panther’s” Inspector Clouseau. What makes the Sterling Archer character so funny is the fact that he really believes he’s a lot smarter than he actually is.

Putlocker Archer

Putlocker Archer

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He’s a clueless wonder in a black turtleneck. While the other main characters are great (sexy spy/former love interest Lana, steel hearted mother/head of Isis Malory, numbers-man/nerd extraordinaire Cyril), it’s the secondary characters in this show that make me laugh out loud, particularly “any way the wind blows” ball buster Pam and the hilariously demented head scientist, Krieger. What makes this show truly amusing is clever writing, excellent graphics, and wonderful voice work. Every new episode is funny and I hope FX will keep re-newing this animated comedy for years to come. Watch Putlocker Archer very great!


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