Mario: Do not love each other?

Mario: Do not love each other? While the world is watching the 2018 World Cup, somewhere on the screen is a young team is actively practicing with the dream of becoming professional players rock for the big clubs in Europe. . Mario is the name of the Swiss director Marcel Gisler revolves around two young players Leon and Mario and budding love has met many storms. Watch 365 movies online free.

Football has long been considered a king sport, symbol of strength and masculinity. Of the 20 clubs that are playing for the English Premier League there is not a gay player. Maybe they are heterosexual, maybe some of them choose to hide the real sex. To understand more about what prevented the players from publicly announcing their sex, we should enjoy the movie Mario.

The main character of the movie, the young German aggressive young (Aaron Altaras) immediately noticed the striker Mario (Max Hubacher) in the team. Leon, with dark hair and olive-colored skin, fell in front of a blonde Mario, with blue eyes and explosive steps on the lawn. The fire was lit when the two men were living in the house they had arranged for Leon to have a place to live, and Mario did not have to go back to his mother’s home in rural Switzerland far.

It took 35 minutes for the audience to witness the first lip lock between the two guys while playing electronic games. Mario has the censure and restraint that modern audiences think they are watching a gay love movie of the 80s. But right after that turning point, the film circuit has improved dramatically. The next day while Leon hesitated to apologize, Mario took the initiative to kiss the boy warmly. At that moment, Mario’s puppy eyes said he did not want to go far, just to be with his cute friend.

Mario: Do not love each other?

Mario: Do not love each other?

Their love affair with opposition from the club – who fear this will destroy the reputation of this place and the future career of the young talent. The players in the team mocked and alienated Leon and Mario. Especially Mario, now torn between professional lawn dream, intention to lie to his parents, friends and longing for Leon.

Like Ben A. Williams’ The Pass, in which Russell Tovey plays a real gambler for 10 years, director Gisler has used his time as a key to open the wings. The door to the emotion of the character. Although the title of the film clearly indicates that the story is told, but it did not pity as if two characters choose two different story resolutions.

Trailer almost revealed the whole story. Their love grows, progresses, meets and then Mario chooses to negate it. The film does not have many scenes of two guys, instead a lot of details related to the team’s internal work. The filmmakers Hubacher and Altaras all have years of experience playing football, so they are very comfortable in the technical film scene.

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Mario is not an excellent film about homosexuality, but it is a film necessary to remind us that there is no sport for straight people. If society is more open to the LGBT community, perhaps we have witnessed the end result of a beautiful football romance. Enjoy Europe’s emotionally rich work when the pitch is still hot in the 2018 World Cup.

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