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Mad Max Fury Road Putlocker – Watch movies online Free Full HD. I was left speechless when this finished. It can be hard to describe indeed…. but I’ll go for it… Sheer madness that isn’t sullied by bad acting or laughable lines. A blockbuster that is gritty and doesn’t have a sense of humour that could be equated to a fluffy kitten. No ‘lets all hug’ sentimental BS. This is seriously a movie I thought I’d never see: a CGI-filled blockbuster that I flat out loved. The stunts are so much fun, the FX so great, it is the first movie I have seen where I have thoroughly enjoyed all this type of stuff – probably because the cinematography for once doesn’t suffer cos of it.

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It is all incredibly shot. The action is so brutal and appropriately high-octane. I thought to myself more than once, ‘I think I am loving this more than Terminator 2’ but other than that, there wasn’t time to think. It kicked off fast and barely stopped, and the lulls were amplified by the insanity preceding them. Plus it is a dark film, which made it even better. I many people do an Aussie accent even close to well, was Hardy actually trying for that? Either way, he didn’t talk much so it didn’t really matter.

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This is more Theron’s movies than Hardy’s, he doesn’t say much and does next to nothing for the first third or so. Theron’s Furiosa is more of the hero is the story, if there were to be a hero in such a grisly and dark world. I don’t even like this type of movie but the execution is everything. I’m gonna go see this again, soon.

Great film, so fast-paced it makes every other film out there look slow and old-fashioned. Wonderful to see George Miller back on the Australian road, where he belongs. Charlize Theron is great, Tom Hardy is not bad, but the stunts are really where the film shines. It’s hard to think of a better action road movie. It has all the intensity and perversity of the MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR, but amped up to new heights of craziness. Miller is the real star of the film — in some ways technology seems to have finally caught up with his early hyperactive camera style, and he takes full advantage of the ability to move wherever he wants, however he wants.

Let me start by saying this. This movie is MAD. The title was not lying. This film was exactly what one wants from a summer blockbuster. George Miller has come out publicly and said that this is neither really a reboot or a sequel. This is simply another story following Max Rockatansky. In this story, we see Max being captured By Immortan Joe and his band of War Boys.

Once he escapes he comes upon Imperator Furiosa who is attempting to rescue the “wives” from the oppression of Immortan Joe. Cue action. I love how sometimes simple plots like this can set up an entire world of action. In the action genre, we don’t need very convoluted and intricate plots that keep taking unexpected twists and turns. In Mad Max: Fury Road’s case, the simpler, the better.

Mad Max Fury Road Putlocker

Mad Max Fury Road Putlocker

Now on to what everyone is wondering about. The action. And yes, the stunts and music when it’s all going down is some of the best action ever put to screen. By the time the climactic chase rolls around, the action is even more jaw-dropping and breath taking than before because the stakes continue to be raised. This movie is a two hour chase that never has a dull moment. Mad Max Fury Road Putlocker vert Great!!

As for the characters, they were all spectacular. Especially Furiosa, played beautifully by Charlize Theron. Though she is a bad-ass, she never upstages Hardy as Max. Being the emotional core of the film, playing Furiosa was one of the harder tasks to correctly perform and Theron knocked it out of the park. For Tom Hardy as Max, he was just as great as Theron. Having minimal dialog and mainly using grunts to show emotion, Hardy gave Max a surprising amount of depth, though still not nearly as much as Furiosa.

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This is not a bad thing however, since Max was never a truly deep character, he was an action star who kicked a lot of ass. And of course he does that in this film. The rest of the characters were played great as well especially Nux (played by Nicholas Hoult) who brought even more emotional depth this. Watch Mad Max Fury Road Putlocker Now.

Overall, this is a gleefully insane film. The relentless pace never holds back on the audience and it always has them glued to the edges of their seats. If you can, I highly recommend everyone does themselves a favor and witness this master-class action phenomenon that will arguably go down as one of the finest action films ever made.

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