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Kingsman movie review, is a movie that is very popular with the audience. Dear readers, now I want to review the sequel of Kingsman. The chapter one of this movie is amazing, as well as this chapter two. The differences are the actors, the actions, and the plots. At the sequel, there are at least three great actors being played: Julianne Moore, Hally Barry, and wowwww, Elton John, ladies and gentleman, Elton John!! Based on my feeling, the budget of filming these sequel movie is really expensive because Elton John appears not just once as cameo, but few times, even he is part of solution of the plots. Big applause for Elton, yeah love you!! The actions in this sequel are quite unpredictable, we never know what happens, who kills, who is being killed, who betrays, and who is being betrayed.

Movie reviews: Everything uncovers until the end of the plot, so don’t worry you can still enjoy all the actions in the movie with popcorn on your hands, without being confused. There are also new machines, new technologies, and new guns that are more modern and more impressive that make you want to be a Kingsman in your real life. The equipment is so cool, like those presented on the Spy Museum in Berlin. Some surprises will come, but you will know what the “Golden Circle” means. Then, last but not the least that I want to review, is the plots.

While in the chapter one, Kingsman 2017 is trying to change an ordinary bullied boy to be a handsome gentleman of Kingsman team and everything seems right after, these sequel offers the problems from the beginning until the end and everything seems complicated. Some critics will say that the plot is quite ordinary, about the hero and the villain, but more than that, Kingsman: Golden Circle is about honesty, loyalty, and intelligence between the state, intelligence team, and boy/girlfriends. This is a recommended movie to be watched with the one you love and how you make it proportional between all of those factors, because manners maketh man, and this time is with Elton John.

Kingsman movie review

Kingsman movie review

Extremely disappointed. I enjoyed the first Kingsman film a lot. OK there were parts of it that were very silly, but it was very well done and I liked the style and feel of the film. I’ve seen it a couple of times. The second one is extremely silly. More silly than a very silly thing. The action is so OTT that it just made me laugh. Julianne Moore as the villain was about as terrifying as a labradoodle puppy. Pedro Pascal (who I loved in GoT) is just completely unbelievable.

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Kingsman movie review 2017: As is Channing Tatum. There are good performances – as always, Jeff Bridges is entertaining, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Taron Egerton, Halle Berry, Hanna Elstrom and Emily Watson (fantastic cast isn’t it!) are all terrific. And with such a great cast I expected that I would love this film. My darling and I both exited feeling soooo disappointed. It is quite funny in parts (sometimes unintentionally which is unfortunate), but overall one of those films where I want my 2 hours back.

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