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Jumanji welcome to the Jungle Netflix – Watch movies Online Free. I’m going to be honest, at first I really didn’t consider watching this, specially because I watched the first one and I feel in love instantly. I mean, these days sequels to a 20 years old movies or reboots aren’t that great, and I’m not that stingy with reboots, because I just want to watch a movie and not compare to the original one, I like watching it as a standalone. But with these one, I was so worried, but oh man, I love to be wrong in these situations. It was brilliant, I was not feeling the modern version of Jumanji, but that was cleared in the beginning and it didn’t bothered me that much, actually. The characters were amazing to watch, mostly because I easily related to them if I was in that situation with my friends.

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The plot was good enough, nothing new and unique, but it was well planned and cohesive, and that’s one of the most important aspects of a plot. The game theme was so well written in this movie, and once again super cohesive and it follows it’s rules, which demonstrates excellent writing and not just “for a moment in particular alteration”. Watch Jumanji welcome to the Jungle Netflix very great!

The cast was phenomenal, even though I liked The Roch way more before, it was still pleasant to watch him in a different role, actually more funny and interesting than I want to admit, and the rest of the cast I was already in love, specially Jack Black, who killed this performance alongside Kevin Hart and Karen Gillian (who I never watch before, but I’m already in love). This is a perfect family adventurous movie, you don’t have to watch the first one, but there are easter eggs in this sequel that are so special to those who enjoyed the first one, like me. Give it a go, I can’t promise you’ll love it, but to me it’s good entertainment

Jumanji welcome to the Jungle Netflix

Jumanji welcome to the Jungle Netflix

If you were a fan of the original, you will definitely enjoy this. It does have references to the original. It also takes a new perspective. The original was a board game that had things coming out that the players has to interact with (unless you were sucked in).

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In this, the board game realises people play game consoles and adapts to it (to make it appealing to the newer age group). The players are sucked into the game (no option for things to come out – which is disappointing) as the avatars they chose and have to complete a mission with different ‘levels’ (which are different areas of a map). The humour is very good (jack black playing a woman in a mans body for one). The trailer doesn’t show all the good bits so there’s nothing to worry about there. The film is full of entertainment.

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