It Follows Review IMDB

It Follows Review IMDB. After an innocent one stand, our antagonist Jay finds herself plagued with a mysterious virus, an unknown force, ‘IT’, that follows her around everywhere she goes. Throughout the movie Jay and her friends try to demystify this strange occurrence, which is always a few steps away. Watch it follows putlocker on vexmovies free online now.

The plot is original and very interesting to follow, however it is also relatively straightforward which does take some of the suspense away closer to the credits. Yet, ‘It Follows’ is shot and edited with a surgeon’s precision, it is genuinely scary, extremely suspenseful and will leave you paranoid and holding tight to your seat on more then a few occasions. It is truly a horror film at it’s finest, mysterious, terrifying and gripping.

Parts of this film, especially the ending reminded me of Kubrick’s Shining, sometimes it feels very nostalgic, like you are watching bits of The Sixth Sense again. What makes this film truly great is the nature of the plot, the mystery behind it. ‘IT’ takes many forms, which at times makes it almost impossible to distinguish it from a normal human being, just like in real life in some way. The monster could be anywhere and anyone.

It Follows Review IMDB

It Follows Review IMDB

“It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up.” The soundtrack really stands out; It is perfectly in tune with the scene, surroundings and the plot. It gives you goose bumps even during the scenes where nothing is happening. Dark, classical sounds adds so much emotions, gives you a feeling that ‘IT’ is somewhere behind you, in the movie theater.

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Even though all the actors’ performances are rock-solid, this movie is really about the maestro. Written and Directed by David Robert Mitchell (his second feature film), this is all about his craft, his story and his ability to turn this story in one of the most refreshing horror films I have seen in years.

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