“Infinity War” would have been different if Deadpool had appeared

“Infinity War” would have been different if Deadpool had appeared and here are the 5 reasons why!

Certainly no-one in the Avengers wants a middle-aged, middle-aged hammer like Deadpool to stand in the ranks, but if it’s hard to change the chance of winning in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s worth it. to try it!
With sales of more than $ 1 billion and maybe even $ 2 billion in the near future, the extremely positive response from both audiences and critics, the Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers) ) was no longer content. But if the Avengers add a member, then it may be different and overcome the “defects” of some superheroes.

We’re talking about Deadpool. Yes, you are not mistaken. Fox’s henchmen, dressed in red, were able to contribute to the Infinity War. Although Ryan Reynolds himself has insisted he has no access to the Avengers, and Deadpool’s submission to Tony Stark has been bounced back, there is hope in the future. The group is nicknamed the Avengers because Disney is buying Fox (and Disney owns Marvel, remember?).
Believe it or not, there are still some reasons that Deadpool should have been able to make Avengers: Infinity War a great movie.

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1. Deadpool is floating “singing”

That’s too much! Think about it, we have some of the best names of the Avengers. And then, Ryan Reyolds as Deadpool is just like the X factor (X-Factor: TV series seeking talent)! The number of Deadpool fans is huge, so if a maniacal person appears even as a cameo, it could have been a very good sales pitch for the Infinity War. Maybe that’s why the film even achieved a record of faster sales than it has been doing these days.

2. Pool can say something for the shock absorber

When Thanos flicked his hand, half the universe “died” in a few notes. If lucky to appear in the Infinity War and luckily survived that moon season, Deadpool would surely feel some kind of tyrannical error or over the death of the superhero. Thanks to the “si” that the end of the War of the Infinity (the first) to hurt more?

3. Thanos may have been blocked

As we all know in the comics, the source of the Infinity War is that Thanos must compete with Deadpool to get the heart of Mistress Death. Deadpool can not be killed (meaning that Pool encounters Death), Thanos goes to collect gem stones to break the crush.

Infinity War lẽ ra đã rất khác nếu có sự xuất hiện của Deadpool và đây là 5 lý do tại sao! - Ảnh 4.

Intimate revenge between the two sisters has never been portrayed, but with the talk of the level that the opposite must go crazy, Deadpool though not enough to defeat Thanos but can cause Titan crazy so that the Avengers took the opportunity.
It is hard to imagine how two mouthfuls dressed in red like Deadpool and Spider-Man together will cause Thanos and the audience tinnitus to sound like.

4. How about a few Disney spoilers?

Deadpool has long been known for its crazed mouth piercing the cosmos. Talking from friends to the whole … character writer, no one escaped the joke of the Pool. Ryan Reynolds once shared a conversation in Deadpool 2 that talks to Disney was cut off by Fox, so think of the prospect that Deadpool is one day part of Disney. At that time, it was ridiculous that laughing cow with the moles do not fear not afraid of heaven Thanos offline.

Infinity War lẽ ra đã rất khác nếu có sự xuất hiện của Deadpool và đây là 5 lý do tại sao! - Ảnh 6.

5. Wait, if Deadpool … team with Thanos to increase the difficulty of the game?

In the story, Deadpool and Thanos do not always confront each other. These two characters worked together to rescue her. Deadpool is not a superhero, but an anti-hero with average morality, to benefit yourself is to do. So if the Avengers deny the Pool, there is nothing to prevent the Pool from joining with Thanos if Titan is so mad. Black Order as well as Black Order as well, then add a green blue red color to buy fun next door, so long life as leeches, sure enough to sad for Thanos.
As for the Avengers, the story of stopping Thanos will now add a bit more challenge as they have to deal with the other mutants. The audience is probably the audience, when they can not know what Thanos and Deadpool game in the movie.

In any case, the story of Deadpool and the Avengers about a house is hard to come by in the near future when the two sides are still far away. However, if you are not in the Avengers 4, then you have the opportunity to see the Pool appear on the screen of Marvel in the future, when Disney tossed out of film … mark R for example?

Deadpool 2 is set for release on May 18 in theaters across the country

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