I’m Not a Robot The film was misjudged 2017

I’m Not a Robot The film was misjudged 2017. MBC’s MBC is not one of the most anticipated Korean films at the end of the year: the content seems new, the cast is popular with the Korean public (when there is a the appearance of national brother Yoo Seung Ho), just beautiful and know how to act.

Oh, my rating of I’m Not a Robot after 20/32 episode has never passed the level of 5%, almost only around the 3% level and the lowest of 2 , 4% (luckily the film is still a record 1.4% of Manhole quite “far”). It’s time to look for reasons why the ratings of I’m Not A Robot still so tragic so many feedback from the audience is not bad.

I'm Not a Robot

I’m Not a Robot

1. Love between human and robot: Different but not special enough

The motif of love between robots and humans has been exploited many times in the world and has become popular in recent Korean films. Also in the filmmaking scene of the robot but unfortunately, I’m Not A Robot created just the feeling of novelty, not really own a particular impression.

Love between boss Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) – young director, handsome, arrogant – with her robot named Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) is still the familiar motif in the film Han from the old to the present: He has hurt from a small to become arrogant, lack of trust in people (so severe allergies), she is strong, personality and will be gentle love it.

I'm Not a Robot 2

The romantic situations between the two are pretty good and beautiful, but in general are not too distinctive to create distinctive highlights for the film when the interaction between the two is not enough “love”. Obviously, the ability of the main couple to completely save a movie; The most obvious example is Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, although the content is even more absurd and “pale” than I’m Not A robot, this work is still floating in early 2017.

2. The genre of soft comedy is not enough to entice viewers

Cinema news: As young people are increasingly inclined to watch online movies, the main audience sitting in front of a television screen to watch TV is probably none other than housewives. That is why romantic comedies are often more subdued than dramatic films, highs or even “blood cribs” with other types of harming people or close friends. Bodhi. With light comedies such as I’m Not A Robot, there are hardly any serious situations so viewers can choose to watch online instead of having to direct the new story.

I'm Not a Robot 3

Of course, if a comedy – romantic enough to be different and no shortage of climax will still receive the attention of the audience. Only I’m Not A Robot can not do that.

3. Then also encountered heavyweight opponents

Good movie but wrong timing is here. Actually, there are many Korean films that have good quality and also the audience appreciated but the rating is still flickering because of the blockbuster of the year in the same time frame. Far away is the time of You’re Handsome confrontation IRIS, more recently, she has a Cossack – Legendary Sea Blue or the most unlucky You are back when hit by a bomb .

I'm Not a Robot 4

I’m Not A Robot’s opponent is the Black Knight. Although not a blockbuster waiting before but compared to I’m Not A Robot, Dark Knight obviously possessed many factors to “eat” the rating: the dramatic circumstances, the love triangle three waves Hundreds of years and the depth of the woman, the cast has good acting (to Shin Se Kyung also been commented as “progress”). It has helped Black Knight attract audiences of all ages, rating up to 13.2%.

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