Horror movie Suspiria makes Hollywood witches also have to be small

Horror movie Suspiria makes Hollywood witches also have to be small. Although closed but through the trailer and information on the sidelines can see Suspiria movie project (Dance of Death) directed by Luca Guadagnino is one of the most desirable work of the year. Chloe Grace Moretz praised Suspiria as a masterpiece and director Quentin Tarantino cried after watching the film. Watch zmovies online free.

Remastered from the 1977 film of the same name, Suspiria has garnered public attention right from the first news of the project. The first reason to mention is the ambition of producers to “dare” to remake a work that has been brilliant success as Suspiria director Dario Argento. Secondly, this movie is directed by Luca Guadagnino who has been very popular with films such as Call Me By Your Name or A Bigger Splash. The final reason came from the premiere of the Cinemacon event in late April, which one of the audience described as “one of the worst ever seen.”

Guadagnino after the completion of Suspiria gave his colleague director Quentin Tarantino a full view of Suspiria. The two became close friends after the Venice film festival eight years ago. Renowned for his unique style of filmmaking and personality, not many films have been praised by Tarantino. Still, after watching, Quentin cried and embraced the Guadagnino, showing affection for a “thriller that is both psychological and emotional” like Suspiria.

Horror movie Suspiria makes Hollywood witches also have to be small

Horror movie Suspiria makes Hollywood witches also have to be small

Not only was the “outsider” tears, Suspiria also has the support of the members of the film crew. Star Chloe Grace Moretz has briskly heated the air by vigorously declaring his work to be just like a modern film version of Stanley Kubrick (a legendary director with the finest works, is in the line of horror):

The actress was really impressed by Suspiria when Chloe Grace Moretz was no stranger to horror films when appearing in two highly rated works are Let Me In and Carrie. These are remakes, and Suspiria will be the next remake of this young actress. In the movie, Chloe Grace Moretz’s character is Patricia Hingle (Pat). Pat is the classmate of female lead Suzy (Dakota Johnson) and who discovered the dark secret of the academy.

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However, Chloe’s comparison seems to be counterproductive considering the different styles of the two filmmakers. While Luca Guadagnino enjoys the aesthetically pleasing details, Kubrick looks forward to the cool, compelling narrative. From what we see in the trailer of Suspiria, it seems Guadagnino has rejuvenated to create a heavy, monster atmosphere.

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