Grab him from the sea: sweet love story in the storm

Grab him from the sea: sweet love story in the storm. Adrift is the love story between a 24 year old girl named Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) and a guy outside of 30 Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin) on the beautiful island of Tahiti. Both love free life and adventures off the high seas. One day, they received an offer to sail from Tahiti to San Diego, USA. It’s a long way to go for love and limiting people, especially when they encounter one of the biggest storms in the Pacific, causing them to float on the sea several days later. Free movies on losmovies very good!

The whole of Adrift’s content is based on a true story, and is an interesting combination of psychological-emotional and survival. The duo star in the movie is quite young, but has soon confirmed the talent through many works for teens: Shailene Woodley – Sam Claflin. Adrift is the scene of a young girl waking up in a boat bay flooded, furniture drifted everywhere. He managed to escape, and repeatedly called Richard, to find out that his broken boat was in the middle of the ocean. Then, the film brought the audience back to the landmark time 5 months ago, when the heroine arrived in Tahiti.

Tami Oldham is a young girl from San Diego, USA. With blonde hair and tanned skin, she arrived in Tahiti with the expectation of adventure. And on that beautiful island, she met Richard – a man from London (England) shared his dream of seeing the world. Both quickly arise emotions and together create unforgettable memories. It all began when they offered to board a boat from Tahiti to San Diego without knowing that they were about to face one of the worst storms in the Pacific.

Grab him from the sea: sweet love story in the storm

Grab him from the sea: sweet love story in the storm

It is interwoven with the new moments that love is the turbulent time – both literally and figuratively – of the couple after the storm melts. Richard was seriously wounded, and Tami had to take care of her lover, find her way home, and wrestle with limited water and food. The storyline alternating before and after the storm brings both advantages and disadvantages to Adrift. Switching back and forth makes the audience a little distracted, not timely build emotion at the moment has to return to the time before the storm with the character.

However, the artistry of the film has made the atmosphere softer, more space to talk about the love story between Tami and Richard, as well as creating a good emotional pedal for the school. The climax at the end of the film. The next event was relatively easy to guess and much of it was in the trailer, making the middle of the movie a bit boring. The curls at the end of the film are surprising, but do not cause too strong effects.

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Thanks to the shoulder-to-shoulder performances of the main cast, especially Shailene Woodley’s excellent performance, Adrift was able to keep the audience up to the last minute. Slow, moderate content is also a factor in making the work accessible to the masses. Aside from that, the combination of Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, together with the lovable, loving moments of two highly anticipated actors, is a special attraction for the fans of the romantic line. Beautiful and well-structured images are another factor contributing to the film’s appeal. Audiences will not be shy to see the waves surfing smoothly, the vast ocean, or waterfall in the forest through a series of beautiful scenes.

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