Dwayne The Rock Johnson confronts Star Wars

Dwayne The Rock Johnson confronts Star Wars. Dwayne Johnson confirmed that Jumanji 3 will be released on December 13, On the individual Instagram page, the actor posted a video of the film’s title and release date. The background music of the clip is the familiar drum sound made by the toy that the audience sees in the movie. Click movie365 watch movies online free.

“Jumanji is always important to me,” says Dwayne Johnson, “and I’m very grateful to everyone for responding to this ($ 1 billion in revenue).” In addition, he revealed the sequel will have the appearance of several new characters.

In addition to The Rock, previous stars Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black also re-released. Jumanji’s new script was continued by duo Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg and directed by Jake Kasdan.

Jumanji 2, titled “Welcome to the Jungle,” grossed $ 961 million from the global box office. This is beyond the expectations of the manufacturer. Following Jumanji (1995), the second part revolves around four teenagers drawn into Jumanji’s virtual gaming world. They play the characters and must break the game to return to the real world.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson confronts Star Wars

Dwayne The Rock Johnson confronts Star Wars

The film is also a tribute to Robin Williams, the star of the original film, who died in 2014. On Rotten Tomatoes, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle received an average score of 75% from 189 critics. Audience scores A- for movies at CinemaScore.

Taking over the lead, Sony Pictures chief executive Tom Rothman decided to produce the third season and debuted on Christmas Day 2019. However, with the schedule, Jumanji 3 will encounter the 9th part of the live-action series. Star Wars.

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In December 1977, Jumanji 2 went on strike with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The box office results show that The Last Jedi ($ 1.3 billion) outperformed Dwayne Johnson’s blockbuster. This battle can happen again. Song, The Rock, and Eclipse have earned a fortune, based on Jumanji 2’s previous success.

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