Deadpool 2 review ign

Deadpool 2 review ign what hot? You know what? It’s epic. Forget about narrative, cameo, it’s all about Fxxx word but it’s one of the best superhero movies of all time! I love the jokes about marvel, disney and even DC, but Ryan and Josh’s performance is the most amazing staff here. If half Marvel is epic, then Deadpool2, that’s 100 percent u! Just saw it!!! #Deadpool2 is a Triumph!!! It lives up to the hype!!! So amazing, crazy, funny, creative and entertaining!!! Ryan Reynolds is killing it again!!! It’s a great action-packed superhero movie!!! Thank you so much to everyone involved! Click Deadpool 2 full movie watch online now.

Before the viewing of this film, I lowered my expectations knowing that majority of sequels are not as good as it’s predecessors, but luckily the cast and crew made sure that this sequel is better in every aspect. Deadpool 2 abounds in funny moments, action scenes and importantly emotional ones, which were kind of weak in the first installment. This sequel bring some teachable moments on the table, but not too much, so the core of the movie is still very Deadpool-esque.

Deadpool 2 review ign

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The humor is similar to that of the first, with couple more pop culture jokes which might be a problem for some viewers, but for the most part they are easily understandable with the basic knowledge of pop culture. Along with well known original cast, we have couple of newcomers who fit in the cast perfectly. Brolin has a lot of screentime and he delivers in each scene. It features very entertaining references and cameos, and has one of the funniest post credits scenes in superhero movies, so be sure to stick around untill the very end. All in all, Deadpool 2 is a movie that can be enjoyable not only for fans of superhero genre, but for all who want to have a laugh while enjoying interesting action scenes.

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The jokes are funny(but not as funny as in the first!), the action is good(but doesn’t pack the same punch or have the same elegance to it as in first), the plot… the plot is a disjointed, unfocused mess that leaves barely any room for new characters to be developed, which means a lot of the time when a big action sequence is going down you just think “why should I care?”. It does try to do too much at once and up the jokes and action at the same time, but sadly often it feels like a parody of itself(which is basically a parody of a parody). It is still funny and still cool, but somehow it’s a very bittersweet experience.. I would have preferred a more streamlined and focused sequel.. but it is, what it is! Deadpool 2 review ign very great!

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