Deadpool 2 news – The latest information

Deadpool 2 news – The latest information. This week, Disney and Marvel Avengers: The Infinity War has grossed more than $ 1.6 billion after gaining 61.8 million from the domestic box office. the third week of launch. In China, the film also made an impressive debut when it grossed $ 200 million. The Infinity War’s success was second only to The Fate of the Furious as it opened at No. 2 in the history of the country.

So with 547.8 million gross domestic sales and 1.059 billion from the international box office, Infinity War officially became the highest grossing superhero movie of all time and the fifth highest-grossing film. Historically, inflation has not been included. The Infinite War is the second-highest grossing domestic movie ever, after The Force Awakens (10 days).

However, the blockbuster pace is likely to be halted when next week will see the launch of Deadpool 2 – the Fox anti-heroine “sneaky” Fox’s post-Deadpool made a rain. screen 2 years ago. As predicted box office, Deadpool 2 could open with $ 150 million – thereby repelling Infinity War, which has driven marvelous sales.

Deadpool 2 news

Deadpool 2 news

While big-budgeted films often choose to “avoid elephants,” some medium-priced and small-budget films try to fool the box office into modest marketing. This week marks the launch of two new films, “Life of the Party,” starring Melissa McCarthy, as producer and screenwriter with Breaking In. ) – a sensational film that no one seems to care.

Life of the Party has also earned $ 18.5 million, just behind Infinity War on Mother’s Day (on the second Sunday in May). Even though it was the second highest grossing comedy (after the Blockers), it was one of McCarthy’s most notorious debuts. This figure is not equal to the achievement of Snatched – Amy Schumer’s comedy debut last year. Meanwhile, Breaking In earned $ 16.5 million.

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“Breaking In” made a disappointing debut with producer Will Packer’s “No Good Deed”. The Avengers’ dominance is expected: the Infinity War will end the weekend after Fox overturned Deadpool 2. However, it will still continue to be silver from the box office, currently only four Jurassic World alone $ 71 million.

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