Deadpool 2 connects specifically with the Logan blockbuster

Deadpool 2 connects specifically with the Logan blockbuster. Re-screening after two years, Deadpool’s “muddy” once again made the audience laugh with faint and clumsy nature. In part 2, the “anti-super hero” continues to mock many celebrities, from film to real life. In it, “mink” Logan (Wolverine) is the subject most teasing.

In last year’s teaser trailer of Deadpool 2, Wolverine character Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) mentions parody of dress code. Deadpool also entertained with a toy simulating the death of Logan and then for the old heroes with arrogant war. Click Deadpool 2 full movie watch online free now.

 In addition, Deadpool 2 also evokes Logan, as both films exploit fatherhood and continuity from generation to generation.

Ideally, this is just a PR strategy for both movies, because at that time, Logan was outside the cinema. In fact, the relationship between the two films goes beyond that.

First of all, the two films portrayed two young heterosexuals with powerful and destructive inner anger. That’s 11-year-old Laura in Logan and Deadpool’s teen Russell Russell.

Deadpool 2 connects specifically with the Logan blockbuster

Deadpool 2 connects specifically with the Logan blockbuster

These two hold special ties with the two main characters. Logan and Deadpool are the owners of their deadly super powers. Logan was entrusted with protecting Laura and later discovered she was made from her genetic resources. Between them there is a strange father-son sympathy, but warm words, even until Logan is dying, Laura just voiced call him father.

Father Cable (Josh Brolin) is built as a family man, carrying his daughter teddy bear on the journey of revenge for his wife and children. A mercenary mercenary like Deadpool must also think about his father and cherish his dream of fatherhood.

Another similarity is Logan’s book marking the dying days of the old X-Men, with the successor of the infamous generation that Laura is a representative. Also in Deadpool, the school-age geeks appear pretty much. Deadpool also recruited Russell to join his X-Force team.

In addition, Logan and Deadpool are both under the cover of 20th Century Fox and the same comic strip labeled R with more violence, bloodshed.

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Although director James Mangold said that the dark script idea for Logan was long, but undeniably, Deadpool’s box office hit in 2016 created a good premise for Logan in theaters. In turn, Deadpool 2 brings an inspirational story from Logan.

Two characters clash in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). This scene is also repeated in Deadpool 2, once again creating hope for their true combination on screen.

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