Aztec 5 movie showtimes gallup NM

Aztec 5 movie showtimes gallup NM. There are a lot of good movies in theaters right now. Check out the schedule and see the screenshots of these blockbusters!

Aztec 5 movie showtimes gallup NM

Aztec 5 movie showtimes gallup NM

Synthetic Aztec 5 movie showtimes gallup NM

1. Insidious: The Last Key

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Insidious is a franchise that I’ve been following since the release of the first film back in 2010. This franchise had an extremely strong start and the first installment was actually a favorite horror film of mine for quite some time. I still love watching that film, but each connective film has gotten progressively worse each time, building a franchise that’s slowly fizzling out. Insidious: The Last Key is the fourth film to hit theatres in this franchise and quite frankly, even though it has its moments of terror, it’s really not that great of a film. If you’re a fan of the franchise, there are aspects that are worthy of fans seeing, but I wouldn’t say the movie impressed me on many more levels than that. Let’s dive into the story.

Taking place not too long after the events of the first two films, Elise explores her past and how it interconnects with everything that has happened throughout the franchise so far. Having to face her dark past, while trying to save the lives of everyone around her, this film still has this likable character in the forefront. That being said, this is a film that suffers from trying to connect itself to previous films, making certain scares feel incredibly forced, taking me out of the overall story.

Without spoiling it for fans, there are certain sequences that directly relate to past films, right down to actually showing old scenes, but they felt out of place, due to the nature of the story at hand. This film felt the most distant from anything else in the franchise, so when it connects itself to previous story threads, it felt unnecessarily complex. So yes, this is the weakest installment and it very rarely feels like an actual Insidious movie, but I must admit, there are some really solid scares scattered throughout this movie.

2. Pitch Perfect 3

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This one surely doesn’t beat the prequels. It is entertaining as usual, though. For how tough the scriptwriters to try to write another awesome story for already famous-known characters. Well they almost nailed it.

For the harmony, the mash-ups, which I believe every actor really sings it, thumbs up. The brilliant idea of drama comedy with a cappella singing competition as background, is still the one and only. I always love it.

I believe director should have shown couple seconds of Bellas practicing for all their sophisticated performances, in making sense more how they could be that perfect. And although I am scoring 8, still I am so disappointed for the film is not showing much the duel between a cappella vs a cappella-music. I, maybe every audience, expect to see this. This “missing plot” sacrifice Ruby Rose, which supposedly shows her wonderful voice and act more.

3. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Aztec 5 movie showtimes gallup NM
– 2D: 3:00 PM 9:40 PM
– 3D: 6:20 PM

All of the performers are fantastic in this film, and are perfect fits for their roles. The group dynamics are excellent, and they all have hilarious back-and-forths with each other. Some of my favorite moments in the movie are when everyone is simply standing around talking. Dwayne Johnson really shows his comedic talents here. While he does have a few scenes where he gets to show off his action chops, most of his role is comedy-heavy, and he delivers on it. Kevin Hart plays the same character he always plays, and more times than not it annoys me, but for whatever reason here it works. Maybe it’s his chemistry with the other actors, but he’s hysterical in this movie.

I’m not a huge fan of Karen Gillan’s character of Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to be in this. But she delivers as well. Not only does she nail the action beats (and she has some of the best in the whole movie), but she also has some great comedic moments, comedy that I didn’t know she could pull off as well as she did. But the true star of this movie is Jack Black. I thought he was hysterical in the trailer, but I was afraid that the concept of him actually being a teenage girl would get old and annoying quick, but it doesn’t. Black is perfect for this role, and nails every comedic moment he’s given. They are all fantastic together, and it makes for some great entertainment…

4. Ferdinand

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For those who don’t know, Blue Sky Is an animation company that make animated films mostly the Ice Age Films, despite being no Disney or Pixar, they do have effort in their films, like the animation is very impressive and they do execute their stories good, they may not be original but they do put heart and a little effort into their plots.

So when I heard they are going to make another film based off a series of books/comic strips like Horton Hears a Who and the Peanuts Movie, I thought whatever the source material is, it should be great but not near perfect, the trailer did seem to go in that direction, It looked colourful and beautiful and was a little funny but I seen these sorts of films before, so as expected I was looking forward to It.

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5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Expect everything you love and know about Star Wars to be trashed in this film. Imagine preparing the most extravagant meal with the most expensive and luxurious ingredients in the world. You spend days preparing the food, then as you plate up you pour two buckets of salt on top of everything. Your wonderful well made food ruined under a mountain of salt.

This is exactly what the director did in the Last Jedi, he destroyed it. It was overlong, far too conscious of itself with crude plot twists and no love for the characters. It was as if an alien had landed on earth and never seen the other films and just made it in an afternoon. The words Last are very meaningful, it’s the last time I will go to a Star Wars film, the Last time I will care about a star wars film and the last time any fan will have hope of seeing a film fans deserve. The Jedi are WELL AND TRULY DEAD!! Great work Disney!! Took some doing to destroy this franchise.

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